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Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather HoseElement ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose
Sale price$56.99
Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose
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At Swan, we understand the challenges that garden hoses face when exposed to winter weather. These challenges...

Swan Hose John Deere John Deere Rubber HoseJohn Deere Rubber Hose
Sale priceFrom $54.49
John Deere Rubber Hose

John Deere, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, has teamed up with Swan to offer a...

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Element MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ HoseElement MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ Hose
Sale priceFrom $36.49
Element MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ Hose

When it comes to a garden hose rated for hot water, the Swan Element brand expertly delivers...

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Element Viper Premium Rubber HoseElement Viper Premium Rubber Hose
Sale priceFrom $0.00
Element Viper Premium Rubber Hose

When it came to naming Swan’s new Element-brand Viper® hose, nothing short of one of the deadliest...

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Hot Water Hoses

Hot water hoses can handle hot tap water, making them a great choice for commercial kitchens, as well as agricultural environments such as dairies or farms. Since a hot water garden hose is used both during the summer and the winter, we make ours from materials that remain flexible in freezing temperatures as well as warmer temperatures. For example, our MAXLite® Hot Water Rubber+® hose can handle water temperatures up to 185°F, while remaining flexible at temperatures as low as -40°F. Along with household hoses, we offer commercial hot water hoses with a ¾-inch inner diameter. These hoses allow flow of 20% more water than the standard ⅝-inch hose.

Choosing a hot water hose doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features. Our hot water garden hoses can handle over 400 PSI of internal pressure. They also use our patented Hose Armor® stress relief supports, which prevent kinking at the connections. These hoses are also phthalate-free, so they meet strict California water-quality regulations.