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Element RV&Marine+ Multi-Purpose HoseElement RV&Marine+ Multi-Purpose Hose
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Element RV&Marine+ Multi-Purpose Hose

If you own a boat or recreational vehicle, you know how important it is to have a...

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Element RV&Marine HoseElement RV&Marine Hose
Sale priceFrom $13.49
Element RV&Marine Hose

Swan’s Element-brand RV&Marine® hose is designed for a variety of applications whether you’re on a boat or...

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RV Water Hose

A good RV water hose is handy for all kinds of camping jobs, which means it sees a lot of use. You need a potable-water RV hose to fill your rig’s freshwater tanks, an RV freshwater hose to act as a supply line at campsites and a hose for general cleaning. We make the best drinking-water hose for RV use by using materials that keep water clean without compromising durability.

We offer our RV & Marine hose in a wide range of lengths, including standard 25- and 50-foot lengths as well as 4- and 10-foot lengths. These short hoses make it easier to connect to adjacent water sources and get into tight areas. Both the RV&Marine® and RV&Marine+® hoses use crush-proof connectors that can be tightened and loosened with a wrench. Our RV drinking-water hoses are also phthalate- and lead-free, so they meet Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and California drinking-water standards.