Rubber Hoses

Stronger and lighter than standard rubber hoses,
with extreme-temperature flexibility


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Swan XFlex Heavy Duty HoseSwan XFlex Heavy Duty Hose
Sale priceFrom $36.99
Swan XFlex® Heavy Duty Hose

From the innovation experts at Swan comes the XFlex® Heavy Duty Garden Hose, a truly revolutionary garden...

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Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather HoseElement ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose
Sale priceFrom $56.99
Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose
2 reviews

Here at Swan, we know that a garden hose left outside in winter weather is susceptible to...

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Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate HoseElement CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose
Sale priceFrom $56.99
Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose
1 review

Here at Swan, we know the sun’s UV rays can break down a garden hose’s exterior and...

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Swan Hose John Deere John Deere Rubber HoseJohn Deere Rubber Hose
Sale priceFrom $54.49
John Deere Rubber Hose

John Deere, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, has teamed up with Swan to offer a...

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Goodyear MAXLite High Visibility Rubber+ HoseGoodyear MAXLite High Visibility Rubber+ Hose
Sale priceFrom $54.49
Goodyear MAXLite High Visibility Rubber+ Hose

Did you know that slips, trips and falls are one of the top three leading causes of...

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Element Viper Premium Rubber HoseElement Viper Premium Rubber Hose
Sale priceFrom $54.49
Element Viper Premium Rubber Hose
1 review

When it came to naming Swan’s new Element-brand Viper® hose, nothing short of one of the deadliest...

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Goodyear MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+Goodyear MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+
Sale priceFrom $39.99
Goodyear MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+

Made exclusively by Swan, the Goodyear Hot Water Rubber+ hose is a top choice for a garden...

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Goodyear MAXLite Premium Rubber+ HoseGoodyear MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose
Sale price$39.98
Goodyear MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose

The Goodyear Premium Rubber+ hose made exclusively by Swan combines the expertise from two brands you can...

Element MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ HoseElement MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ Hose
Sale priceFrom $36.49
Element MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ Hose

When it comes to a garden hose rated for hot water, the Swan Element brand expertly delivers...

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Element MAXLite Premium Rubber+ HoseElement MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose
Sale priceFrom $29.99
Element MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose

Swan’s MAXLite® Premium Rubber+® black hose offers a major advancement in rubber hose technology. It features an...

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Rubber Hoses

When you need a tough water hose that's built to last under the harshest conditions, look to Swan's Rubber water hose line. These hoses are made from an exclusive rubber formula that makes them twice as strong and yet 40 percent lighter than standard rubber water hoses. They also feature the high burst strength, extra-large crush-proof couplings and supreme scuff-resistance farmers, contractors and other professionals prefer.

Extreme temperatures? Not an issue. Swan' rubber garden hoses, such as the Element© MAXLite© Premium Rubber+© hose, remain flexible down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Others, such as the Element© MAXLite© Hot Water Rubber+© hose, are hot water hoses flexible from -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to hot water at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Element© Viper© premium rubber hose, meanwhile, is considered the toughest rubber water hose on the market today. It features an industry-leading 600 PSI burst strength coupled with a unique octagonal shape for maximum kink-resistance. The aluminum couplings on this heavy-duty rubber hose are also superior: They're oversized, ergonomic and remain crush-proof up to 4,000 pounds, so they can bear the weight of heavy machinery.

Swan's rubber garden hoses also include Goodyear garden hoses. The Goodyear MAXLite© Premium Rubber+© hose, the Goodyear MAXLite© Hot Water Rubber+© hose and the Goodyear MAXLite© High Visibility Rubber+© hose share the same features of Swan's other MAXLite© hoses, along with the quality synonymous with, and the endorsement of, the Goodyear brand. Of special note is the Goodyear MAXLite© High Visibility Rubber+© hose: It's colored yellow to stand out on the job site for safety reasons.

All of our rubber water hoses are available as a 5/8-inch garden hose in a variety of lengths. Many, including the Viper© hose, are also available as a 3/4-inch garden hose, moving up to 20% more water than standard 5/8-inch water hoses.

Swan's rubber garden hoses all come with a limited lifetime warranty for years of reliable service. They also meet the Safe Drinking Water Act's lead-free standards and are compliant with California's phthalate-content standards.