Close up of flowers being watered by a hose
Close up of flowers being watered by a hose

Spring Into Action: Planting Season Is Here!

With warmer temperatures and longer days, May is the perfect time
to dig in and start creating a beautiful garden or vegetable patch.
So, roll up your sleeves, grab your Swan garden hose and get ready
to make your yard burst with color and flavor this spring!

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A soaker hose sitting in a flower garden
Close up of water coming out of a soaker hose

Soaker Hoses

With tiny holes that drip water directly to plants’ roots, our soaker hoses
reduce evaporation for the most efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water. Lightweight and flexible, our rubber soaker hoses are also easy to install and work with our exclusive EZ-Connect System Connectors to give you the most carefree and fully customizable soaker hose system.

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XFlex Hose

Our new XFlex Hose is the ideal watering tool
for all of your basic watering and cleanup needs.
This remarkable garden hose is designed to deliver
exceptional performance, combining extreme kink-resistance
and lightweight, flexible construction with superior durability.

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Watering Annuals

With dazzling hues and textures, annual flowers
add excitement and enchantment to any outdoor space.
Learn how to achieve and maintain their full potential with
watering techniques and strategies that ensure optimal moisture levels. Your annual flower garden will burst with life and color all season long!

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PROScape Hose

Swan knows that durability, kink-resistance and length are top factors when buying a garden hose. That’s why we created the PROScape hose. Ideal for gardeners, landscapers and related professionals, it features our exclusive CoreFUSION technology for maximum kink-resistance and strength, and comes in both 50- and 100-foot versions!

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Swan has a variety of all-purpose garden hoses to keep your plants properly hydrated. These include lightweight, flexible garden hoses for easy maneuverability, designed with innovative features that make them durable and kink-resistant, as well as drinking water–safe.

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Our Sustainability Commitment

For more than 25 years, Swan has been helping to preserve the environment, using recycled materials in our garden hoses that re-purpose more than 60 million pounds of plastic, rubber and other trash each year! Read more about our recycling efforts here.

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Ideal for the toughest cleaning needs, Swan’s high-water-pressure garden hoses give you the burst strength and extra reinforcement you need for washing your car, boat and outdoor surfaces. Plus, kink-resistance and ergonomic features help make cleaning less strenuous!

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A man holding a black and yellow hose around his arm

Did You Know?

For our friends in Zone 4, you can start seeds indoors for things such as beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, onions, peas, peppers, spinach and tomatoes.

Other Zone 4 gardening tasks this month:

🧪 Have your soil tested.
🪨 Rearrange perennial plants when soil is dry enough that it breaks apart with the poke of a finger or garden fork.
🥗 Direct-sow seeds outdoors for veggies such as asparagus, parsnips, radishes and turnips.
🫐 Fertilize blueberries, grapes and raspberries before growth resumes.
🔴 Prune back raspberry canes that will produce this year’s crop by ¼ inch before growth resumes.

Don’t know your planting zone? Find it in Swan’s Interactive Planting Zone Map! Just click the Get Growing! link at the top of!