April Is Lawn & Garden Month!

The start of spring is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space, whether it be by planting new grass seed or refreshing your lawn, experimenting with different landscape ideas or trying new plants.
When it’s time to water, Swan’s here to help, with the best garden hoses for home use. Click below to see our complete residential line.

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Soaker Hoses

With tiny holes that drip water directly to plants’ roots, our soaker hoses
reduce evaporation for the most efficient, economical and eco-friendly

way to water. Lightweight and flexible, our rubber soaker hoses are also
easy to install and work with our exclusive EZ-Connect System Connectors
to give you the most carefree and fully customizable soaker hose system.

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Soaker Hose Installation

To get the most out of your soaker hose or soaker hose system,
Swan recommends 10 tips, from starting with level ground,
to getting the water flow and pressure just right,
to testing the setup before covering it with mulch or dirt.
Read on to learn more about how to install a soaker hose correctly.

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Swan’s new Planting Zone Map is here!
For the beginner gardener and beyond, our interactive map
helps you set up your garden for success from the get-go!
Click below to find your Plant Hardiness Zone,
seasonal frost dates, soil-testing location and more!

The XFlex

Kinks got you in a bind? Meet the heavy-duty XFlex Hose. Designed with our exclusive XFlex Continuous Flow Filament running through its center, this kink-free garden hose allows for a continuous flow of water, even when folded in half! What’s more, at less than four pounds, it’s also an extremely lightweight garden hose and compact: Once the water is off, it goes flat for easy coiling. XFlex truly has everything…but the kinks!

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Swan has a variety of all-purpose garden hoses to keep your plants properly hydrated. These include lightweight, flexible garden hoses for easy maneuverability, designed with innovative features that make them durable and kink-resistant, as well as drinking water–safe.

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Our Sustainability Commitment

For more than 25 years, Swan has been helping to preserve the environment, using recycled materials in our garden hoses that re-purpose more than 60 million pounds of plastic, rubber and other trash each year! Read more about our recycling efforts here.

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Ideal for the toughest cleaning needs, Swan’s high-water-pressure garden hoses give you the burst strength and extra reinforcement you need for washing your car, boat and outdoor surfaces. Plus, kink-resistance and ergonomic features help make cleaning less strenuous!

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Did You Know?

For our friends in Zone 6, you can start seeds indoors for things such as beets, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, onions, peas, peppers, spinach and tomatoes. Don’t know your planting zone? Click the Get Growing! link at the top of the page for Swan’s Interactive Planting Zone Map!