A gardener among many pots of mums
A gardener among many pots of mums

Chrysanthemum Season

Few flowers evoke the spirit of fall like chrysanthemums,
but if not properly cared for, their survival throughout the season
might be short-lived. To keep your mums looking their best
from the first day of fall to frost, be sure to water under the foliage
and on top of the soil to ensure it stays moist.

Close up of someone planting grass seed
Close up of someone planting grass seed

Fall Seeding

Fall is one of the best times of the year to plant grass seed.
If you’re planning to take advantage of the season’s optimal weather to grow or patch a lawn, remember that water is essential for the seeds to germinate. With Swan products, you can ensure a light, frequent watering schedule so the seeds establish, giving you new grass in no time.

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A person digging a hole to plant a tree
A person digging a hole to plant a tree

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Fall is an ideal time to add trees and shrubs to your landscape,
offering you a low-maintenance and budget-friendly way to add curb appeal to your home. Once your trees and shrubs are picked and placed, proper irrigation will be necessary for the roots to expand and take hold. Check out our guide for simple steps to satisfy all watering requirements.

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Leaf Management

Proper leaf management during the fall is essential not only
for a tidy yard, but also for the overall health of your lawn.
Swan offers effective strategies for dealing with fallen leaves—
including raking, mulching and composting—
and how a garden hose can enhance your efforts!

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Our new XFlex PRO Hose is the ultimate choice for professionals
tackling demanding jobsite tasks. Combining unmatched kink-resistance and optimal water flow with unrivaled durability, this premium-duty hose
is specifically designed to withstand the toughest of jobs,
from heavy-duty industrial applications to rugged agricultural ones.

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Swan has a variety of all-purpose garden hoses to keep your plants properly hydrated. These include lightweight, flexible garden hoses for easy maneuverability, designed with innovative features that make them durable and kink-resistant, as well as drinking water–safe.

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Our Sustainability Commitment

For more than 25 years, Swan has been helping to preserve the environment, using recycled materials in our garden hoses that re-purpose more than 60 million pounds of plastic, rubber and other trash each year! Read more about our recycling efforts here.

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Ideal for the toughest cleaning needs, Swan’s high-water-pressure garden hoses give you the burst strength and extra reinforcement you need for washing your car, boat and outdoor surfaces. Plus, kink-resistance and ergonomic features help make cleaning less strenuous!

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A man holding a black and yellow hose around his arm

Did You Know?

Certain vegetables actually become sweeter and more flavorful when they're exposed to cooler temperatures! This phenomenon, known as "frost-kissed flavor," occurs because the cold weather prompts the plants to convert starches into sugars as a natural antifreeze mechanism. As a result, vegetables such as carrots, Brussels sprouts, kale and parsnips tend to taste even better when harvested after they've been exposed to a light frost.