Cold-Weather Hoses: Benefits and Recommendations

Did you know that wintry weather such as snow and ice can severely damage your traditional PVC garden hose? Not only can exposure to low temperatures and the season’s forces of nature cause your water hose to lose flexibility—as well as crack and leak—any water remaining inside the hose can freeze and expand, leaving it at risk of bursting.

These issues can affect your water hose’s functionality, leaving it unreliable during the winter months. However, there are cold-weather hose solutions that offer you a top-performing garden hose no matter what the cold weather brings.

Cold-Weather Garden Hose Benefits

Experienced gardeners, especially those in areas either not prone to heavy snow or susceptible to drying winds, know they need to keep their plants watered even when the thermometer reading plummets. Although plants are dormant during this time of year, they still need water for basic metabolic functions, as well as to keep their roots from drying out. This might seem counterintuitive, since one can assume that watering plants in cold temps could freeze and injure their roots. However, the opposite is actually true if watering is done properly.

According to, “As long as you water early in the day, the water you give your plants can actually be protective against nighttime freezes. The water in the soil acts as a trap for heat and helps the area around your plant stay a little bit warmer than the air as the night approaches. When coupled with insulated covers, this extra heat can protect your plants from damage.” So at the end of the day, strategically watering your plants during colder months can actually keep them from succumbing to dehydration and permanent root damage.

A cold-weather garden hose, designed to perform even in the harshest weather conditions, can make a big difference between your plants dying in winter or surviving. They can also help deliver water where it’s needed most on an agricultural site such as to keep horses and livestock hydrated.

Cold-Weather Water Hose Recommendations

Swan’s rubber garden hoses are an excellent choice for a cold-weather water hose. Many models are made of an exclusive rubber formula that makes them twice as strong than standard rubber hoses and yet 40 percent lighter. In addition, these cold-weather hoses are more resistant to cracking, with many remaining flexible down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them better suited for watering plants in winter’s colder temperatures than traditional PVC garden hoses, which often harden and/or crack at temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Swan's Element-brand Viper® Premium Rubber Hose

Swan’s Element ThermaFLEX® Cold Weather Hose, meanwhile, is another top choice for a cold-weather garden hose. It features innovative technologies that guarantee it will maintain its shape, strength and flexibility even at freezing temps. This includes a proprietary compound that makes the hose resistant to freeze damage when filled with water, as well as a special thermal-conducting jacket that keeps the hose flexibile in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit! This cold-weather water hose also boasts additional key features such as extra-large aluminum couplings that are crush-proof up to 4,000 pounds, as well as a powerful 400 PSI burst strength.

Swan and Goodyear's MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose

One owner of Swan’s Element ThermaFLEX® Cold Weather Hose, who lives in Alaska, has this to say about the cold-weather hose: “Living in a cold spot of Alaska with a kennel full of dogs and a herd of horses, water delivery has always been a nightmare…until now! My new ThermaFLEX Hose, straight out of the shipping box, unrolled and laid FLAT, no kinks at -30 degrees. My water-fill time was cut in half due to low friction inside the hose. I had no leaks, no coils, no kinks. The couplings were easy to attach and take apart, and they did not freeze! The hose was easily rolled up and stowed. This is an unbelievable, high-quality, low-priced product. I’m quite sure I could run water even at 40 below. Fantastic…I wouldn’t believe it had I not experienced it!”

Swan and Goodyear's MAXLite Premium Hot Water Rubber+ Hose

Now that you know there are cold-weather hoses available to withstand winter’s wrath, use them during the season to give your plants and farm animals the hydration they need. Your efforts will be well-rewarded come springtime!

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