Farm Hoses for Agriculture: Features to Look For Before Buying

It’s no secret that different hoses have a variety of applications and uses. We’re all familiar with the water hoses we grew up seeing around our homes, commonly referred to as garden hoses. However, many are far less familiar with the types of hoses that are best suited for professional or industrial environments. With these types of heavy-duty commercial hoses, contractors, craftsmen and agricultural workers are able to get the right volume of water at the right pressure to their workspace. Especially in the agriculture industry, having premium, high-quality, long-lasting hoses can be the difference between a smooth operation and a process filled with hassle. With that being said, it’s essential for agricultural operations to select the most appropriate farm hoses for their needs. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of water hoses, Swan Hose has the information you and your team need to make the best decision on agricultural hoses.

Features to Look For

When it comes to farming and agricultural watering, there are a few primary functions that farm hoses need to fulfill to be as useful as they can be. Agricultural hoses must properly irrigate land, and they must also provide a consistent supply of drinking water to livestock.


Getting the right amount of water to plants and crops is an essential piece of the agricultural process. When it comes to irrigation-related needs, you must ask yourself:

  • Is the hose long enough to extend to the portions of my farm that require water?
  • Does this hose transport high volumes of water as quickly as I need?
  • Is the hose durable enough to withstand the rigors of farm use?
  • Does the hose have technology that keeps it from kinking or knotting, disrupting the water flow when I need it most?

All of these questions must be answered before you can take steps toward purchasing hoses for your farm. Not answering these critical questions could lead to increased expenses down the line.

Technological Advancements

While it’s easy to assume that each agriculture hose is built the same, it is definitely not the case. The agricultural environment is demanding and requires only the most premium-quality hoses. Because they face inclement weather, extreme heat and heavy use, farm hoses require a premium construction to survive for years and years amidst the elements. Luckily, certain hose manufacturers are upping their game and creating improved farm hoses that do the job without any hindrances. Swan designs their premium hoses to be durable enough to handle the rigors and abuse of these extreme work conditions. We have agricultural hoses with features such as:

  • Larger ¾-inch diameters to move up to 20 percent more water than a standard 5/8-inch hose
  • High burst strengths
  • Special water coats to prevent bursting
  • Abrasion-resistant jackets
  • Damage-resistant couplings
  • The ability to handle a wide range of temperatures

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