A Soaker Hose Vs. Sprinkler—Which Is Best for Your Garden

With the warm summer months in full swing, now is the time to think about efficient watering for your garden. Two of the most popular garden watering systems are soaker hoses and sprinkler hoses. Doing a sprinkler hose vs. soaker hose comparison can be beneficial before you purchase new irrigation materials.

Inexpensive Solutions for Soil Soaking

Most home gardeners would agree that watering efficiency begins with systems that soak the soil around your plants. When you use sprinkler hoses or soaker hoses to water the garden, there is comfort in knowing that the water is being directed to the proper areas.

Watering from above with a traditional water sprinkler or a regular hose can create a multitude of problems. It can place moisture on the leaves of the plants, leading to ill health. It can also require more time to cover a smaller area.

The problem for homeowners is that elaborate soil-soaking watering systems for gardens can be costly. Using a soaker hose or a sprinkler is a much more affordable alternative.

Are Soaker Hoses Better Than Sprinklers?

You might be less familiar with the flat sprinkler hose, but this type of irrigation has gained popularity in recent years. While sprinkler hoses do have some use-specific applications, they can also be beneficial in certain other circumstances.

Let's begin by taking a quick look at how soaker hoses and sprinklers differ. A soaker hose allows water to seep through the hose along its entire length. This is a very efficient way to direct water to the root system of your plants.

A sprinkler hose combines the features of a soaker hose and a water sprinkler. There are small holes on the sprinkler that allow water to be sprayed along the entire length of the hose. If you have a garden with lots of odd placements and shapes, the sprinkler hose can be adjusted to give you effective coverage.

There are some cons when it comes to water hose sprinklers. These types of hoses are generally flat. The holes are located on one side of the hose. This means that proper placement is crucial to get the job done. If you are looking for a lower-maintenance form of positioning, a soaker hose might be the best choice.

If you try to use the sprinkler hose in an area where plants are bunched together, the placement of the plants can affect the spray. This means that you will get lots of water on some of the plants while others receive little at all.

What Sprinkler Hoses and Soakers Share

These types of garden hoses have a few things in common. First and foremost, they only require attachment to a standard water faucet. You do not need an expensive irrigation setup. Many homeowners appreciate that they can get more cost-effective watering with a soaker or a sprinkler.

However, you may be able to integrate some soakers and sprinklers with water irrigation systems that you already have in place. By using couplings and elbows that are often found in a small garden irrigation system, you can increase the flexibility of your hoses.

Both types of hose offer automated watering of your garden. You don't have to closely monitor the application of water in the way that you would with other methods. Finally, as mentioned, these types of hoses do a better job of getting water to the most important parts of the plant.


Sprinkler Hoses Are a New Trend!

You should know that sprinkler hoses are still relatively new when compared to soakers. It appears that this type of hose could very well become a new trend for home gardeners because of how successfully the hoses apply water. The features of a sprinkler hose include a hole pattern that is uniform. This means that you will water evenly throughout your garden. The hoses are made of virgin PVC and built to last through many seasons. Click here to learn more about the features of sprinkler hoses and see product photos.

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