Best Garden Hoses: Our Recommendations

So, it's time to get a new water hose for your outdoor projects. The kind of hose you'll want to purchase depends upon your specific needs. We've compiled a list of the best garden hoses in a number of categories. These best-rated garden hose options will give you superior performance throughout the gardening season.

Best Rubber Garden Hose

Rubber has long been considered one of the best materials for garden hoses. The MAXLite™ 50' 5/8" Premium Black Rubber+™ Hose is the cream of the crop. It boasts trademarked technology and advanced pliability. This all-rubber garden hose can be used for the toughest home projects, and it is even used commercially by service professionals.

When it comes to using rubber hoses, their durability and other outstanding features come at the expense of carrying more weight around the watering area. This is not the case with the MAXLite™ Premium Black Rubber+™ hose. On average, it is 40% lighter and boasts similar performance characteristics.

One of the great things about this hose is its water temperature range. Water temperatures of -40° F to 165° F are not a problem. It also has strong aircraft-grade couplings that are made of aluminum and virtually impossible to crush. The 400 PSI burst strength is just one more reason we believe this is the best rubber hose.

Best Garden Hose for Hot Water

The MAXLite™ 50' 5/8" Hot Water Rubber+™ Hose was made for those jobs that require the use of hot water. This hot water rubber hose features Hose Armour patented technology that will keep your hose from kinking near the spigot. Anyone who has ever tried to remove a kink from a hose pumping hot water will understand how beneficial that is. The hose is 50' long and has crushproof couplings on each end that resist accidental damage.

This is a commercial hose that has about two times the strength of conventional hoses. Yet, for all its strength, the hose is 40 percent lighter than its competitors. It has a 5/8" diameter and a burst strength of 400 PSI, more than enough to handle everything from pressure washing to heavy clean-up jobs.

Best Heavy-Duty Garden Hose

Those who are looking for the best commercial water hose will love the Element ContractorFARM 100' 3/4" Water Hose. It is specifically made for industrial applications, but the homeowner can benefit as well from this durable heavy-duty hose. It has a 3/4" diameter for maximum water volume, and it is 100' long. The extra-large aluminum couplings are virtually indestructible, and the hose has an impressive 500 PSI burst strength.

This is a farm-grade hose that is right at home tackling a variety of chores. Contractors use it to pressure wash on a job site, and farmers use it to clean up tractor implements after a hard day in the field. It's equally suited to cleaning off driveways and pressure washing the car. The limited lifetime warranty is a plus, too, and this could be the last brand of heavy-duty hose that you'll ever want to buy.

Best No-Kink Garden Hose

Few things are more frustrating than a garden hose that kinks. The Element MaxFLEX 50' 5/8" Garden Hose claims our recommendation for best kink-free garden hose thanks to its proprietary Lay Flat Technology. The construction of the hose is what allows it to remain free of kinks and snap back into shape. It's made from an exclusive co-polymer that allows it to retain its shape when filled with water, and save space when empty. This material has an elasticity that increases flexibility while making the hose 30 percent lighter than other kink-free hoses.

Being named the best flexible hose also demands ease of use. The 50' length gives you plenty of room to reach large portions of your garden, and a 5/8" diameter provides respectable water flow. These hoses are also very resistant to the weather. They can handle extremes in temperature without cracking.

Best Lightweight Garden Hose

Gardening is a hobby that everyone should be able to enjoy regardless of their age or physical ability. The Element ULTRALite 50' 1/2" garden hose is the best lightweight water hose that we have tested. This compact hose is light enough that it can be managed by everyone from young children to older adults. It lays flat when not in use, and it takes up very little room on a reel. Don't let its light weight and ease of use fool you, though. The hose can still deliver a burst strength of 400 PSI.

Element has utilized patented technology to prevent this hose from kinking, and it has a high burst protection. The aircraft-grade couplings on the hose help to prevent damage, and the hose meets the Safe Drinking Water Act lead-free standards. If you can only own one hose for working around the home, this is a great choice.

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